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Blog 3 Tuesday 26th January 2021- Practise what I preach!

Last Friday, a friend invited me for a sunset walk. It was very unusual for me to go out at this time as usually I have done my outdoorsy bits by 4.30pm and getting ready to settle down for the rest of the evening. It made such a change to dress up warm and take lovely fresh breaths of air at that time of day. The sky looked breathtaking, so many different tones of greys and blues.

As I mentioned on one of my Instagram posts this week, I haven’t been able to make my mind work this past few days. The first weeks of January, despite Lockdown 3, was full of enthusiasm, ideas and plans.

So, after a few days of many cups of Earl Grey tea, watching box sets, underneath a throw with a hot water bottle, as lovely and lazy this was, it was time to get to back to it.

Practise what I preach came into mind! Exercise, I’m varying what classes that I’m doing, not just HIIT, but boxing, aerobic workouts, floor work, sit ups and extra stretching. Last two days, I’ve added runs in too. Yesterday, I stopped and chatted to a man, he’d been laughing at me, watching me from higher up the path as I was on my hands and knees trying to get up a slippy bank. Such a simple thing to pass the time of day with someone, hearing about his daily routine, how he walked everyday, no matter what the weather, the wildlife he saw each day, where he saw the deer at dusk, the rare bird, he had watched nesting the last couple of years and where I should go and see the first patch of snowdrops this year.

Next thing, a long bath with added aromatherapy oils, to firstly help muscle and body ache’s after the exercise, but also to invigorate and strengthen my mind.

Rosemary - the perfect oil for helping to get you going again. It has many properties and can help with many ailments.

The perfect oil to revitalise your mind, relieving general dullness and lethargy. Clears headaches and migraines.

Tired overworked muscles and ligaments can be eased with Rosemary, either in your bath or massaged in with a carrier oil, such as Grapeseed oil ( before and after exercise).

May ease rheumatic pains and gout.

There are contraindications using Rosemary as it is very stimulating, it may not be suitable for people with epilepsy or high blood pressure. It is best avoided during pregnancy as is an emmenagogue. Check with homeopathic remedies before use.

After my self help remedies, I’ve managed to write my blog! I hope you have enjoyed it and found it helpful in some way.

Now onto my assignment (or perhaps a box set?!?!) .... where’s that Rosemary!

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