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Saturday 16th January 2021

Another week gone by, it’s the end of the 2nd week of 2021 already. Having said that, to me, it feels like it has always been as it is at the moment, in a lockdown with such dreadful worldwide news! Not a positive start to my planned bright and breezy blog – in fact I have to admit that I did wake up on Thursday morning in a bad mood, which is not really like me.

I couldn’t pinpoint the reason, I didn’t feel low or sad, but having really thought about it, I think I felt agitated (maybe even a bit cross) and feelings stemming from this situation that we are all find ourselves in. A situation where so much is out of our control, in so many ways.

I do think I am quite lucky, as on the whole, I seem to have an inbuilt thing in me, that although I may feel a bit grumpy, I seem to have the will, without even having to think about it, to just get on.

My new routine, which I didn’t plan at all, it actually just fell into place, is that when I wake up, straightaway, I get dressed into my workout stuff, make a cup of tea and then, exercise, before anything else, no household chores, no breakfast, no social media or work bits.

So, I have been doing live workouts on line, youtube classes or maybe a run. Trying to exercise most days in January, all bar a few rest days, when needed.

On this Thursday, similar to most days, I exercised, showered, had breakfast and sat down to work, for no actual payment, but using this time at home to find ways to market, make contacts, check in on clients, write my blog, keep on top of Instagram and FB and now studying, for something, to do with reflexology, which I will announce soon.

In the afternoon, meeting a friend and a walk or a dip in the sea was planned. It turned out we both felt a tad grumpy and as we walked on beautiful spacious Woolacombe Beach, listening to the sound of crashing waves, looking at the amazing views and pushing against the strong winds, we were able to thrash our thoughts out to each other.

Before we knew it, we’d walked 3 miles, deciding against a swim unfortunately, time had run away with us. We both realised how much better we felt and all from natural instinct, deciding to meet and walk, whereby releasing happy hormones.

There are 4 happy hormones, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphins.

Exercise is the best and most effective way to release and boost these ‘happy hormone’ levels, reducing irritability, mood swings and helping with sleep problems. Of course, the physical benefits are so important too.

As I researched about happy hormones further, other top suggestions included eating chocolate, outdoor pursuits, fresh air, listening to or making music, meditation, B vitamins, FaceTiming a friend, stroking a cat or dog, all go towards making us feel better.

We are out of control of this situation we are all in, but actually we can be in control of these small things which can indeed help to get us through.

Routine as well, as I mentioned before, I seem to have fallen into my own little routine, have you found this? I think humans don’t really like routine, but also find comfort in having some sort of daily pattern.

Generally, when working and doing school runs, classes, clubs, meetings on specific evenings, etc Monday to Friday, then we often have weekend patterns, there are sort of time tables to abide by.

Now we have to stay home!

Perhaps if you haven’t fallen into a routine, it may be a good idea, to work out a timetable, it may help to get you going, concentrate on subjects and again be in control.

Hand Reflexology:

Here is a simple technique to help with anxiety, stress, to calm and even help with sleep.

It is suitable for all ages, babies, children, teenagers and adults. You can give to someone else or self soothe or teach a child to self soothe.

The centre of your palm is the solar plexus reflex.

Take a deep breath, feel calm and grounded, breathing deeply and slowly, place your thumb centre of palm.

Gently hold still, or circle or pulse X 3 at least, more if beneficial.

If teaching self soothing , get the child to close their eyes and hold.

The younger, the baby or child, just hold gently.

Hope it helps.

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