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Blog 5 February 16th 2021 - A bit more about Aromatherapy!

My little box of tricks, bought when I started that course 22 years or so ago. I love my box of Aromatherapy oils and still get excited when I buy a fresh new oil or after a consultation with a client, I leave them to get comfortable on the massage couch, calming music playing in the background, candles burning, their breathing techniques come into place, slowly and deeply, beginning to clear their thoughts, preparing for their hour or so away from everything else going on in their lives. I take my special little box of essential oils with a carrier oil, maybe Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond or Grapeseed oil and the consultation form. From this completely confidential form, I can decide on what blend would be the best for my client on that day. Sometimes, I just get a feeling of which oil would be the ideal one to help and then work the blend around it. High, Middle or Base note oils that blend well or gut instinct blends, wonderful smells and properties, which are most suitable for how the client is feeling at that moment. Physical problems, aches, shoulders, knees, sciatica or emotional problems, worry, stressed, work problems, tension, tiredness. Menopause, fertility problems, trouble with periods, IBS.

It Is a good idea to find out the clients favourite aroma, which Aromatherapy oil is their favourite, are they drawn too? So often the client could be needing some of the properties from that oil, rather like when we crave a certain food where we may be needing goodness from what that food can provide. Again working out the best blend around that Aroma.

It is most important to check out contraindications with each client, at each consultation. Many of the oils have precautions - affecting pregnancy, epilepsy, diabetes, allergies and which medication, especially homeopathic remedies, is the client using? There are some oils best used by qualified Aromatherapists only.

Of course, all of this information is considered when making the blends up. Next decision how many drops of oil to use in the carrier oil, how much carrier oil to use, whether it’s for a whole body massage or a back massage, size of client, age of client? Warming the blend and keeping the client comfortable, warm and relaxed is vital.

Massage is so personal, you want each client to feel special and confident with you as their therapist and need to have a professional bond. Everything has to go into making that hour or so in the treatment room perfect, so the client leaves feeling better.

The massage techniques, well practised and adapted to what kind of therapist you are, a lot of your personality too, goes into it and I think most therapists find their own way, through their basic training, taking new courses over time, and practise. Having treatments from other masseurs Is a good way of learning, but often means you concentrate on their techniques and not benefiting from the massage - quite the busman‘s holiday!

Also, you are led by your client, it kind of comes to you naturally, after the consultation and once you have started the massage, by grounding yourself, breathing with the client, it naturally falls into place.

Hands up if you could do with a massage now!

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